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Best Smartwatches for Seniors


Smartwatches can be incredibly useful for seniors, helping them monitor their health, and can be a safety measure against falls. There used to be only 2-3 relevant smartwatches on the market, but that time has passed. With dozens on dozens of options available, there are several factors you must consider when looking to get a new smartwatch. From fitness features to battery life or compatibility with your phone, we'll dive into what watch works best for your needs.

Fitness Features – Fitness features are one of the main factors people look at when getting a smartwatch. Your smartwatch may be able to track things such as:

  • Heartrate
  • Steps
  • Blood Oxygen
  • Electrodermal Activity (EDA)
  • Sleep

Battery Life – Battery life can vary heavily from one watch to another. The number of applications loading or how often the screen is on will affect the charge of the watch.

Compatibility – Not every watch is made equal. Some can only connect to certain smartphones, while others can connect to just about any. That's why before making a purchase, you should ensure that it is compatible with your phone.

Safety – Medical Guardian's MGMove

This watch was specifically designed with aging adults in mind. It combines protection, fitness features, and caregiver monitoring in one place. With 24/7 monitoring, the MGMove smartwatch was built with the idea of peace of mind.

Customizability – Apple Watch

Apple Watches are some of the best quality smartwatches you can buy. With plenty of fitness features and app support, you can customize your Apple Watch in any way you see fit. There are two significant downsides to the Apple Watch, however. Since it is an Apple product, you can only use it with an iPhone, and its battery life may be lacking compared to others on this list.

Fitness Features – Fitbit Versa Smartwatch

Fitbit tore onto the scene when smartwatches started to become popular, and for good reason. Fitbit offers some of the most robust fitness monitoring for smartwatches. From monitoring heart rate, steps, blood oxygen, and plenty more, the Fitbit is one of the best watches to stay on top of your health. It also offers an outstanding 4+ day battery life.

Overall – Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 Smartwatch for Seniors

Not all seniors are prone to falling, but our risk increases as we age. With the Samsung Galaxy watch, whenever you or a loved one falls, the watch will detect that and automatically contact a pre-listed emergency number, such as a family member with your location, if the wearer fails to respond within 60 seconds. The Galaxy watch also offers robust fitness monitoring, and with a 56-hour battery life, it's at the top of its class for smartwatches.

Smartwatches can be an incredibly useful technology for seniors. With some smartwatch's robust monitoring systems, they can keep seniors safe and still allow them to have fun with the customizability of apps.

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