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Bringing Old and Young Together Benefits Both


When seniors and young children work together, both sides can benefit. Bringing the young and the old together gives children another mentor to look up to. It gives them access to knowledge, whether your senior is doing story time or life lessons. Seniors get benefits through learning from the young. Perhaps a new technology skill or trend. Either way, both sides can see the world from a different perspective which allows each of them to learn something new. Some advantages of connecting the younger and older generations would be:

  1. An opportunity for both to learn new skills
  2. Give the child and senior a sense of purpose
  3. Keep seniors active and help children release some energy
  4. Help reduce the likelihood of depression in the elderly
  5. Reduce the isolation of older adults
  6. Fill a void for children who do not have grandparents available to them
  7. Help keep family stories and history alive
  8. Aide in cognitive stimulation

Senior's Benefits

Frequent interaction with children throughout a seniors' day helps alleviate symptoms of loneliness and isolation. These interactions can also encourage seniors to engage in physical activity by playing with the children and enjoying the spirit and joy that children bring wherever they go. Seniors tend to feel like mentors and teachers by educating and sharing their wisdom with younger generations.

Children's Benefits

Being taught by an older generation can help children develop greater comprehension and empathy skills. It is also a great way for children to hear about historical events from a person present during those times. But the biggest takeaway of all would be seniors telling children the best way to appreciate life in all its ups and downs.

At Evergreen Senior Living in Normal, we have experienced the power of relationships between the old and young. From the smile on our seniors' faces when they learn a new skill from a child to a child's awe of a senior's experiences and adventures. You are never too old to learn something new, and you are never too young to make a difference. 

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