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Keeping an Active Mind with Video Games


A recent study from AARP shows that the number of seniors playing video games has been skyrocketing. With an increase of over 16 million players over the past four years, it's no doubt that seniors are enjoying video games more and more.

Video games are fun and competitive and create social interaction between residents and families alike. With so many options for both games and consoles, there's never a lack of fun available.

But video games have benefits other than passing the time and interacting with friends and family. Video games can help improve your decision-making, hand-eye coordination, and even auditory perception. Experts even say playing video games can help slow down memory loss in seniors by keeping the brain engaged. If you're playing something like Wii, games like tennis, bowling, or golf can keep you moving and allow light exercise.

Studies from the National Institute of Health recently shed light on the mental health benefits of video games for seniors. In previous research, scientists found 60-70% of older patients who were unable to benefit from antidepressant medications reported a 50% decline in depressive symptoms after playing video games in just 30 days.

Video games may not be the most popular activity, but they're a great way for people to come together and make new friends. The health benefits are a no-brainer, keeping your mental and physical health in check. Try all the different types of games! From PGA to Super Mario, the well never runs dry when looking for new adventures.

Video games are a great way for communities to get involved with one another, compete against each other, and keep their minds active.

At Evergreen Place Assisted Living and Evergreen Supportive Living in Normal, we use video games as part of our life enrichment program. We offer our seniors many options to stay active and exercise their minds, too! See for yourself by scheduling a tour of our assisted living or supportive living community!

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