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Local Travel Destinations for Seniors: Decatur, IL

People love to travel and explore no matter what age they are. However, as people get older, the type of traveling they do can become restricted. Some may only be able to travel to local destinations in their town. However, an adventure is still an adventure, no matter where you go. Going to new places and seeing new things is fun whether you're 1,000 miles away from home or 10. Here are a few local travel destinations for seniors in Decatur, IL.

Scovill Zoo

Who doesn't love going to the zoo? Scovill Zoo is a great local destination for seniors to check out. It offers a great opportunity to walk outdoors while experiencing the amazing animals this place has to offer. This is one you must experience if you haven't already.

Children's Museum of Illinois

This museum is a great opportunity for grandparents to get out and about with grandchildren. It offers countless educational exhibits for kids about health, cooking, art, etc. If you're looking for a fun day of spending time with your loved ones while the kids in your family get to burn off some energy and learn a few things, give this place a visit!

Wabash Depot Antique Center

Looking for a place in Decatur that satisfies your antiquing needs? Wabash Depot Antique center is it. This antique center offers a large array of products like old toys, home décor, art, and more. This is a great weekend activity and may even be where you get your next home decoration.

Chevrolet Hall of fame Museum

This museum is a great place to visit for both car enthusiasts and non-car enthusiasts. Here you can see things like some of Chevrolet's first infamous Corvettes and even some of the earliest cars they ever produced. It's like a time machine that takes you back to some of Chevrolet's greatest accomplishments. It's a must-see!

Rock Springs Conservation Area

If you're looking to get some fresh air and spend time in nature, this is just the place for you. Rock Springs Conservation Area offers over 1,000 acres of nature preserve open to the public and offers walking trails. This preserve consists of open prairie lands, wooded forests, and ponds. Go out and experience the beauty of nature at Rock Springs!

Evergreen Senior Living in Decatur is located near many great locations that offer an opportunity for an adventure. We understand it's not easy for seniors to travel long distances, so we encourage our residents to get out and explore the city of Decatur with one another or with a loved one. Call us today or visit our website for more information about our community. 

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