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Meditation and Mindfulness for Seniors


Meditation and mindfulness have a multitude of different benefits. They can decrease stress levels tenfold, promote mental and emotional well-being, and even improve your sleep.

Many practices can help you on your journey; from Yoga to Tai Chi, there's something right for everyone.


Yoga has many different forms. The word comes from a Sanskrit root that means yoke or union. This means to draw together and create a joining of the mind, body, and soul. Western yoga mainly focuses on two practices: asanas, which emphasizes posture, and pranayama, which focuses on breathing techniques. Yoga promotes physical activity to keep your body healthy and mental stimulation to keep your mind active. We recommend you take a class with a qualified instructor to avoid injury and learn the proper techniques.

Tai Chi

Tai Chi is another excellent example of meditation. It's considered a defense martial art that focuses on form and movement. Tai Chi is slow, mindful, and fluid. The actions are gentle but done with purpose. One of the main advantages of Tai Chi is that it's self-paced. This means you can do it however fast or slow you are comfortable with. If it's your first-time trying Tai Chi, we recommend seeking guidance from a qualified instructor.

One of the main reasons why practicing meditation and mindfulness is strongly encouraged is its accessibility. You can practice it virtually anywhere, without items or props, and just about anyone can do it. All you have to do is find a few minutes alone- or in a small group.

Anyone can meditate to improve their mental, emotional, and physical health. Groups are widely available with different styles and techniques that offer different strengths and benefits. Deciding to do it is the only step you need to take to start your journey in meditation and mindfulness.

Evergreen Place Assisted Living and Evergreen Village Supportive Living in Normal strive to create a healthy environment for all our residents that includes movement of all types. Visit Evergreen Place or Evergreen Village and see for yourself! Schedule your tours today.
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