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Travel Tips for Seniors

November Blog

The holidays are approaching, and memorable family trips are coming with them. While traveling can have seniors feeling happy and energized to see family, it can also be a stressful planning process for them. With a little preparation, seniors can enjoy traveling with their loved ones with their minds at ease. Here are some tips to keep in mind to help make traveling easier for your senior.


The first document you'll want to pack is an appropriate form of ID. If your loved one no longer drives, you'll want to make sure they have a valid, state-issued personal ID card, a passport, or another government-issued document long before the day you're set to leave. If they already carry an ID, double-check that it hasn't expired.

Safety, Security, and Comfort

Whether you are flying or driving, make sure breaks are involved frequently. If your senior is flying, seat them closest to the restroom. If your senior has medical and mobility equipment, make sure they have a place to store it near them, and they are still flying comfortably. If your senior is traveling by car, stopping off at rest stops or gas stations is recommended for bathroom breaks, a quick snack, and stretching those legs! Another way to help your senior stay comfortable is with a nice neck pillow for both flying and driving. These pillows support the neck and head when resting.


We tend to take more medications to keep us healthy as we get older. Many seniors take several medications multiple times a day. If your senior is traveling, you want to make sure they bring the right amount of medication with them for their trip. A pill dispenser is a great way for your senior to have all their medications organized and easy for others to understand.


Whether your senior is going to a relative's home or a hotel, make sure that the destination can support the needs of your senior. Check if their accommodations serve the different foods they love and activities they enjoy and have a safe bathroom with plenty of room for your senior.

At Evergreen Senior Living in Normal, we want our residents to enjoy the holidays with their families and loved ones. Help make traveling for your senior easy for them this holiday season.

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