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What is Comfy Acupressure?


Although many seniors are affected by chronic pain in one way or another, there are plenty of ways your senior can find relief. One rising technique is acupressure, applying pressure with thumbs or fingertips to the acupuncture point. Besides, who doesn't love a good massage?

Acupressure incorporates massage techniques and traditional Chinese medicine to help balance energy flow. Studies have found acupressure to help improve sleep quality and blood circulation, reduce pain and headaches, help resolve constipation, and enhance one's life. "Comfy acupressure" is a gentle massage perfect for your senior because anyone can perform it with a few instructions.

The general practice of comfy acupressure involves pressing each point for a few minutes. Pressure should be firm enough to reach the point but gentle; sufficient to ensure your senior's comfort. Here are some popular points on which to focus:

  • One point is on the temple; place your thumb between the eyebrow and the eye. Due to the many nerves in the temple, this point increases blood circulation and can relieve headaches.
  • On the inner wrist, you can find an acupoint above the pinky. This point can help cheer up our loved ones. Since it calms the nerves, it is frequently used to encourage better sleep!
  • On the hand, there is a calming acupoint between the thumb and index finder. Applying pressure to the skin between those fingers can reduce stress, migraines, toothaches, shoulder tension, and neck pain.
  • If your seniors deal with knee pain, a few points may help. First, apply pressure below the kneecap on the outside indent. Next, keep your thumbs below the knee, but move them outside the shinbone.
  • Located on the inner ankle, a point can relieve lower back discomfort. Just slide your thumb between the high point of the ankle bone and the Achilles.
  • Even if your loved one doesn't have specific areas to target, there are plenty of calming, soft spots, such as between the eyes and on the top of the head.

No matter your senior's needs, comfy acupressure is a mild practice that may offer relaxation. This video is an excellent resource for better visualizing the technique and specific points.

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