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6 Indoor Activities to Do with Your Senior


We all long for some fresh outdoor air around this time, and our seniors are no different. When the chilly temperatures confine us indoors, the days seem long and tedious if we are not strategic with our plans. Get rid of cabin fever with indoor activities you and your senior can do together!

Puzzles are bound to bring out your senior's focus and determination, and numerous options exist. Between jigsaw puzzles, 3D puzzles, logic puzzles like word searches and sudoku, and crossword puzzles, you are sure to find something to interest and challenge your senior while having a blast teaming up together!

Crafts are another way to kick boredom and let your senior's creativity shine. One of the most fun parts about crafting is making something useful out of a few materials. Set out some paper towels or old magazines for easy cleanup to catch any excess mess.

If your senior is a candle lover, try making your own with empty jars or vases. Collect a natural candle wick, unscented soy wax, a double boiler, and scissors. Add the wick to the jar and cut it to match the size. Then, melt the soy wax with a double boiler and pour it into the jar. You can add scented oil or herbs to the wax if preferred. Wait for it to solidify and enjoy the gentle flame.

For avid readers, suggest crafting a personal bookmark! Some material recommendations are scrapbook paper or cardstock, book or magazine pages, scissors, craft punches, a hole punch, a glue stick, and ribbon. However, this idea is customizable and could even be made from a brown paper bag!

With some of the same materials, try to put together a scrapbook to show off to family and friends! Just find an album, cardstock, favorite photos, adhesive, decorative embellishments, markers or pens to write captions, stickers, and scissors. Of course, these crafts are about the quality time spent together, not the product.

Lastly, help your loved one stay warm and comfy with homemade grippy socks. Just take a pair of socks and use puffy paint to draw lines on the bottom of the sock. After the paint dries, the socks are perfectly safe to wash.

At Evergreen Senior Living in Orland Park, we love to see our residents expressing their creativity in new ways, so we regularly offer activities like these. Give us a call at 708-479-1082 to schedule a tour and check out our community.

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