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How to Manage your Senior’s Seasonal Allergies


 Allergy season can be frustrating for our loved ones but helping them manage these symptoms should not be. The potential inconsistency of allergies can make it challenging to determine the best actions to take. As spring rolls around this year, here are some steps to ensure our seniors stay happy and healthy.

More than 50 million people in America experience allergy symptoms each year. It's not surprising that our seniors are not excluded. These allergies may develop as our seniors age because they have increased exposure to environmental allergens, so look for any indicators that your senior may have recently developed an allergy. Watch for sneezing, itchy and runny noses, itchy and watering eyes, or congestion. Whether new or old, if your loved one is affected, there are a few ways to avoid flare-ups:

  • Reduce their exposure to allergens. Although this might be tricky, stay current with the local pollen count and mold spore level reports to know when your senior should catch some fresh air. While walking outside is excellent for physical activity, it might be counterproductive if triggers are present. Additionally, keep these details in mind when opening windows.
  • If your loved one is outside when allergen levels are high, help them shower and change clothes when they arrive home. Of course, clean hands will reduce the risk of allergens spreading rampantly, so family members and friends should also be mindful. Wearing sunglasses is more than a fashion statement; they keep pollen out of the sensitive eye area!
  • For allergy relief, your senior can try using nasal sprays. An indoor air purifier or dehumidifier might make a great gift! Your senior's doctor can better assess the condition and identify specific triggers, so always convey these concerns to them.

At Evergreen Senior Living Orland Park, we have everything needed to maintain your senior's health. Even if they need to stay inside due to allergen levels occasionally, our senior Flex fitness center is available to keep your senior active. Schedule a tour to see our amenities now!

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