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Evergreen Senior Living in Orland Park, Illinois

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Make the Transition Easier


When done well, moving can be a wonderful experience. Prioritizing your loved one's needs and involvement can make this transition much smoother. Therefore, we provide and encourage our residents to participate and engage in programs offered at Evergreen Senior Living. Through multiple activities, seniors can interact with their peers, maintain abilities, learn new skills, and develop a sense of security and belonging. Evergreen Senior Living creates an interactive environment by implementing five key activities.

Mental Workouts

Encouraging and energizing the mind is essential! Mental workouts are encouraged through discussions and reminiscing exercises, memory tasks and number puzzles, various games, etc. Keeping the mind active and engaged is key!

Physical Activities

Offering fun and purposeful activities is a great way to encourage and keep the residents healthy, happy, and satisfied. These activities include walking programs, dancing, yoga, and group exercises.

Contribution Opportunities

By extending a hand in purposeful projects and tasks, the residents can gain a sense of belonging and need within their new environment.

Person-Centered Program

Through these staff-led programs that encourage positive and intentional interaction with others, the residents can share their stories, interests, hobbies, and skills. In return, this creates a sense of community and understanding among peers.

Outings and Trips

Our team members and volunteers organize and plan excursions to various locations regularly, including museums, dining out, concerts, fishing, and cultural events. We offer our residents the opportunity to explore with their new friends and have fun!

Moving a loved one into a senior care community can be a wonderful experience when it's done right. At Evergreen Senior Living, we understand, and we strive to make all residents part of the Evergreen family. We encourage you to learn more about our community and visit our website or call (708) 479-1082 to schedule a tour of our campus today. 

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