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Should Your Senior Be Behind the Wheel


Talking to your senior about their driving can be a tough conversation. There may come a time in anyone's life when you question if it is still safe for them and others on the road for them to be behind the wheel.

As we age, some physical and mental abilities decline, causing difficulty driving. Being aware of warning signs of unsafe driving can help keep your senior and those around them protected. Safe driving requires cognitive capabilities, skills that can decline over time. You should monitor these proficiencies to gauge whether your senior should be driving.

Warning signs of unsafe driving include:

• Delayed response
• Easily distracted
• Driving too fast or driving too slow
• Reduced confidence in driving
• Difficulty moving into another lane of traffic
• Becoming unfamiliar with the area that they drive-in
• Confused by traffic signals
• Stopping at traffic lights when the light is green
• Not stopping completely at red lights or stop signs

If you are unsure about your senior's abilities to drive, there are physical therapy centers able to measure reaction time and test vision. If you notice your loved one is showing any of these signs while driving, it would be good to talk with them. Driving is often one of the last ties seniors have to their independence. Your senior might have strong feelings about losing that piece of their freedom.
At Evergreen Senior Living in Orland Park, we offer our residents the best and safest transportation whenever we go on outings, trips, and community events. Learn more about the safe transportation we offer here by scheduling a tour today!
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