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How to Manage your Senior’s Seasonal Allergies


 Allergy season can be frustrating for our loved ones but helping them manage these symptoms should not be. The potential inconsistency of allergies can make it challenging to determine the best actions to take. As spring rolls around this year, here are some steps to ensure our seniors stay happy and healthy. More than 50 million people in Am...

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6 Indoor Activities to Do with Your Senior


We all long for some fresh outdoor air around this time, and our seniors are no different. When the chilly temperatures confine us indoors, the days seem long and tedious if we are not strategic with our plans. Get rid of cabin fever with indoor activities you and your senior can do together! Puzzles are bound to bring out your senior's focus and d...

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How Aging of the Brain Affects Thinking


Think about all the cognitive functions your brain controls; decision-making, planning, remembering, organizing, categorizing, etc. These abilities not only play a huge role in our day-to-day lives, but they determine whether we can live independently. Our brain may reveal everything from minute changes to a decline in memory and cognitive abilitie...

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Tips to Remember when Talking to Those with Dementia


Communication can be challenging when talking to a loved one with dementia. How you communicate with your loved one is very important, the goal being to confuse them as little as possible. Here are a few things to keep in mind when talking to your loved one with dementia. Phrases to avoid Many phrases are used frequently in our day-to-day conversat...

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Summer Safety Tips for Seniors


Summertime is such a great time of year! The sun is shining, the weather is great, and you can finally engage in some of your favorite outdoor activities! However, with higher temperatures, and extra sunshine, we want to help you and your loved ones to have a fun and safe summer! It is important for seniors to take extra care in conducting themselv...

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Brain Stimulating Activities for Seniors

20220309-141539April-ESLOP-Blog Brain Stimulating Activities for Seniors

As we get older, cognitive function can decline, making it hard for our brain to recall information and memories. Learning, decision-making, problem-solving, and attention all become more challenging. Losing sight of these skills can make it hard for our loved ones to go about their day-to-day routine. Luckily our brains are like muscles and can be...

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