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December Activities to do with your Loved One


Wintertime is here, which means sparkling white snow, beautiful lights, and, most importantly, quality family time. We want to help you make this holiday season one your senior will remember with these meaningful holiday activities. Pass down family recipes Cooking and baking can be great activities to bond with your senior. Ask for their favorite ...

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Should Your Senior Be Behind the Wheel


Talking to your senior about their driving can be a tough conversation. There may come a time in anyone's life when you question if it is still safe for them and others on the road for them to be behind the wheel. As we age, some physical and mental abilities decline, causing difficulty driving. Being aware of warning signs of unsafe driving can he...

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Tips to Remember when Talking to Those with Dementia


Communication can be challenging when talking to a loved one with dementia. How you communicate with your loved one is very important, the goal being to confuse them as little as possible. Here are a few things to keep in mind when talking to your loved one with dementia. Phrases to avoid Many phrases are used frequently in our day-to-day conversat...

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Ways To Prevent A Common Winter Injury


As we approach winter, Evergreen Senior Living in Orland Park wants to provide our community with some helpful tips on preventing common winter injuries! Slipping and falling on ice and snow is a very common injury for people of all ages, but seniors are especially at risk. In fact, according to the CDC, falls are the leading cause of injury among ...

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Caring for a Senior with Alzheimer’s or Memory Impairment? There is help and hope!

Caring for a Senior with Alzheimer’s or Memory Impairment? There is help and hope!

The compassionate and knowledgeable team at Evergreen Senior Living understands the needs of residents with Alzheimer's, progressive memory loss and dementia. We embrace these unique challenges with a philosophy called Life Unrehearsed™. Now, caregivers at home can take advantage of this successful method! At no charge, community members can downlo...

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Evergreen Senior Living Presents the Active Aging Expo

Evergreen Senior Living Presents the Active Aging Expo

We are so excited to be sponsoring the Active Aging Expo on Saturday, October 22nd at the Tinley Park Convention Center. Come spend the day learning all you need to know about health and wellness, fitness, financial planning, shopping and entertainment, assisted living, real estate, travel and more. Come out and hear team members from Evergreen Sen...

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