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Evergreen Senior Living in Orland Park, Illinois

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What to Look for in a Senior Living Community

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Finding a senior living community for your loved one can sometimes be overwhelming. You might not be sure what to look for or focus on. There are many factors to consider when looking at senior living communities with your loved one. You want to know what services are offered, or what amenities, maybe even social activities! Whatever you are curious about, we have the answer for you.

Knowing what services are offered is very important when choosing a home for your senior. You want to make sure your loved one is getting the care they need. Our staff ensures that all the needs are met for each senior based on their level of independence. Caring for our seniors is what we do best, and we want to support them any way we can. 

Different services that we offer here at Evergreen Senior Living in Orland Park include:

  • Routine medication management
  • Discreet personal assistance
  • Respite care
  • Housekeeping services
  • Laundry services
  • Senior-friendly transportation
  • 24-hour nursing care is available if assistance is needed

Active, socially engaging communities help seniors retain their health and provide a general sense of purpose and fulfillment, which is why social activities are so important. We encourage our seniors to engage and participate in activities they love and help them find new hobbies they enjoy. Most importantly, we have a range of activities, so everyone can find something they love to do. Evergreen Senior Living in Orland Park includes many activities that involve being social like:

  • Sit & Be Fit – Focuses on physical health!
  • Maintain Your Brain – Games, and activities that stimulate the brain!
  • Spirituality – Connect with those with similar interests at Bible study or church service!
  • Artistic Inspiration – A new hobby that you didn't even know you liked to do!
  • Community Events – Engaging with the community and a great way to make a new friend!
  • Social Outings – Enjoying the activities you love doing or watching with people of similar interest!

Evergreen Senior Living in Orland Park has a wide variety of amenities on our campus that include:

  • Chef-prepared meals
  • Private dining room for family gatherings
  • Renew day spa
  • Neighborhood gathering spaces for visiting and playing games
  • Family rooms and lounges that are filled with friendship and laughter
  • A community center for sharing stories and recipes
  • And many more!

Our campus is designed for seniors to do what they love; live in a safe environment and have the best care. If you have any questions about our community, please feel free to call us or contact us through our website at

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