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When Is the Right Time for Assisted Living?


As we get older, some of the day-to-day tasks that we once did can become challenging for us. There may come a time when your loved one can no longer live independently. It may be difficult to watch someone who used to take care of you not able to care for themselves. As much as you would love to be their caregiver, it's not always possible. Evergreen Senior Living in Orland Park is a perfect middle ground. Our caring team ensures your loved one is in a positive, safe, and reliable environment while you can rest assured they are in great hands.

Many signs may indicate that assisted living is the right choice for the senior in your life.

Isolation is a common and serious problem in the senior population. According to the U.S. Census, more than 11 million seniors live alone, which can affect seniors' overall health. The last thing we want is for seniors to stop participating in the activities they love or connecting with their loved ones. If your loved one stops enjoying hobbies, isn't happy and lively like they once were, or doesn't want to interact, it may be time for assisted living. Evergreen Senior Living provides numerous opportunities for your senior to get back to doing the hobbies and activities they once loved!

Believe it or not, living in a clean environment can also affect your senior's mood. If your senior lacks the motivation to sweep their floors, cook healthy meals, or do laundry, they may soon stop caring for themselves. If you notice any of these changes, assisted living is a great option to discuss with your loved one. At Evergreen Senior Living in Orland Park, we do our seniors' laundry, prepare delicious meals, and clean our residents' apartments for them.

Together with your senior, make a decision that is best for them. Schedule a tour and see how Evergreen Senior Living in Orland Park offers the best team, community, and care for your senior.
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