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Our Team

Amanda PerilloAmanda Perillo

17 years ago, Amanda’s mom signed her up for a service hour to complete 8th grade. That day, Amanda found her passion. Through the years, Amanda has worked in all levels of care. The best part about being the Life Enrichment Coordinator at Evergreen Senior Living is learning the loves, likes and dislikes of the residents, and their families. She enjoys making people smile through games, entertainment and chats. To Amanda, Evergreen Senior Living is a second home, not a job. When she’s not at her second home, Amanda enjoys being outside with her husband, and three fur babies but she’s just as happy knitting, baking or cooking up something delicious.


Anna LattucaAnna T. Lattuca

Anna had the great fortune of witnessing the first residents of Evergreen Senior Living transition from a store-front where she started in 2015, to their new homes. Anna graduated from Eastern Illinois University in 2010 and has been caring for seniors throughout all of Chicagoland ever since, including those affected by memory impairment. Anna not only feels honored but loves it when residents share their stories and experiences with her. Anna enjoys working alongside her family when they come in for volunteering opportunities. She enjoys crocheting and playing with her dogs.


Pauline McGrathPauline McGrath

For the past ten years, Pauline has been doing home health and private duty with seniors. As the Wellness Coordinator at Evergreen Senior Living, Pauline enjoys getting to know the residents, their families and friends. This job is not only rewarding to her but continues to drive her passion to assist with their medical concerns in order for residents to live a happier, healthier life. Pauline is one of seven children and has three of her own. She has been a nurse for 29 years and counting and is a proud supporter of St. Jude and Special Olympics.


Amanda MauceriAmanda Mauceri

Amanda began her career in senior care in 1997 as a recreation therapist. She started her adventure at Evergreen Senior Living in 2015 in the Sales Center and is now the director. The best parts of her job are the residents, staff and families. She has been able to see Evergreen Senior Living go from a simple building to homes for the residents. Amanda thinks the friendliness of everyone and knowing that everyone is a family is what sets Evergreen Senior Living apart. She and her husband Joe live in Tinley Park with their two children and two cats. Amanda enjoys improv and spending her free time with family and friends.


Tony GlavasTony Glavas

In the health care field for over four years, Tony found his niche with Evergreen Senior Living as the Culinary Services Coordinator. The best part of his job is making sure the residents eat well, live well and engage with one another on a daily basis. Tony has been married to his wife, Diane, for 23 years, and together they have two kids, two grandchildren, and two dogs, Brody and Cooper. Tony is a self-proclaimed foodie, wine collector and golfer. In his spare time, he enjoys traveling and relaxing.


Mark CrowleyMark Crowley

Mark did electrical work as an outside contractor before joining the team at Evergreen Senior Living in January of 2016. The best part about Mark’s job at Evergreen Senior Living is, “Hands down – the people!” He believes the residents and staff are second to none. When he’s not working away at Evergreen Senior Living, Mark has a wonderful wife and four talented children that he enjoys hanging out with. Mark also enjoys golfing, reading a good book and woodworking.


Leslie PisciaLeslie Piscia

Since July of 2016, Leslie has been working as the Community Relations Liaison at Evergreen Senior Living. The best part of her job is when the residents share their wisdom and perspective on life. Leslie has been married to Rob for 25 years, and they have three children; John, Joe and Angela. In her time away from Evergreen Senior Living, Leslie enjoys the adventurous life; slipping on skis in the water or on the slopes, or scuba diving! Leslie also likes the simple things like catching a movie or just hanging out with the family.


Katie BobbittCatherine Bobbitt

A passionate advocate for seniors, especially those affected by Alzheimer’s. Her past experiences working with these individuals drives her to do everything she can to enhance the lives of those living, dealing with or caring for people with Alzheimer’s. Catherine feels that being able to work with the residents on a daily basis is an honor. She loves interacting with the seniors and enjoys seeing them laugh. Through stories and talking with them, she feels as though the seniors teach her so much about life. Even outside of work, Catherine continues advocating by volunteering with the Alzheimer’s Association, or spreading awareness within Representative Bobby Rush’s first congressional district. When not volunteering she enjoys fishing with her boyfriend, Bobby, or going on wine tastings with her friends.