A Valuable Mission – Evergreen Senior Living

Our Mission of Comprehensive, Compassionate Care for Seniors

The happiness and satisfaction of our seniors is our primary focus. Each Evergreen Senior Living team member, whether working with seniors in assisted living or supportive living environments, those in need of Alzheimer’s care, respite care or transitional care, bring an elevated level of dedication and compassion to their positions. Their caring outlook and positive interaction with seniors result in the creation of a community atmosphere that provides a high-quality, senior lifestyle appreciated by all.

The team at Evergreen Senior Living brings years of experience to our communities. Many have deep familiarity with the healthcare industry, retirement villages, skilled nursing facilities, and senior care fields. Their training and capability are showcased in how successfully our staff share, listen, support, and interact with residents in a respectful and dignified manner while providing expert care that enables seniors to live a fulfilling lifestyle.

Each staff member offers their own personal perspective and love of life at Evergreen Senior Living. From experienced health care professionals, nurses, and therapists to wellness coordinators, administrative professionals, and exquisite chefs, each community offers the highest standards of quality care, service, and communication.

To support and emphasize its goal of always providing the best customer service to seniors, Heritage Operations Group and Evergreen Senior Living implemented a program called Happy to Oblige, or H to O. The mission sums up the attitude, vision, and goals that have been set in place for all employees of the Heritage Operations Group family, including Evergreen Senior Living communities.

We aim ‘to emphasize friendly and professional communication and interaction between and among residents, family members, employees, co-workers, surveyors, vendors, volunteers, and anyone else we come into contact with during employment at Heritage Operations Group and its affiliates.’

We know that every family is different. In our family, we take great responsibility and have deep respect for our seniors and their loved ones. If we can answer any questions for you, please know that we are always, “Happy to Oblige!”

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