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​How Can Your Senior Improve Their Gut Health?


Digestion is a complex process that can quickly be interrupted or irritated. Many seniors experience issues like constipation, GERD, and diverticular disease. One piece of the gastrointestinal puzzle is the microbiome: a unique mix of bacteria in one's stomach that boosts immunity and aids digestion. Older adults don't have the same gastric and pan...

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Benefits of Spring Planting!

Spring Planting!

Spring is in full bloom, and Earth Day is upon us! With all this beautiful weather happening around us, it is safe to say spring gardening is finally here! Whether this season will be your first-time gardening or if this is a long-term hobby, gardening is a great activity to improve your wellness in more ways than one. Physical Activity – Between r...

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Indoor Plants for Seniors


Now that spring is upon us, everyone is looking for the perfect greenery. Truly, plenty of low-maintenance plants can grow inside perfectly for your senior! They will not regret brightening up the room with an herb or succulent. In addition to attractiveness, interior plant life benefits mental health and physical wellness since they convert chemic...

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Why Choose Evergreen Senior Living in Normal?


You might be wondering if Evergreen Place or Evergreen Village in Normal are the best options for your senior as they transition to a new home. If they want to find a connected community surrounded by loyal support, selecting this location is a no-brainer! Compared to other places in Central Illinois, Normal stands out in several characteristics, i...

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What is Comfy Acupressure?


Although many seniors are affected by chronic pain in one way or another, there are plenty of ways your senior can find relief. One rising technique is acupressure, applying pressure with thumbs or fingertips to the acupuncture point. Besides, who doesn't love a good massage? Acupressure incorporates massage techniques and traditional Chinese medic...

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