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Best Smartwatches for Seniors


Smartwatches can be incredibly useful for seniors, helping them monitor their health, and can be a safety measure against falls. There used to be only 2-3 relevant smartwatches on the market, but that time has passed. With dozens on dozens of options available, there are several factors you must consider when looking to get a new smartwatch. From f...

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Omega-3 Benefits for Seniors


February is American Heart Month, so it is the perfect time to talk about a critical supporter of heart health: Omega-3 fatty acids. Integrating these healthy fats into your senior's diet can yield broad gains, and it is a simple addition since there are many natural food sources and nutritional supplements available. The Benefits For starters, an ...

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Tips to Avoid Phone/Email Scams

While many scams are similar, scammers constantly try new tactics in the hope that you or a loved one will take the bait. The introduction of the internet has allowed for mass scamming and gives more tools to those trying to take your personal information. Once a scammer has your money or personal information, it is almost impossible to get it back...

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Dental Care for Seniors


Growing up, we're all taught the importance of brushing our teeth and flossing. But aging can affect our dental care routines and bring up unexpected dental issues. According to the US Census, by 2030, the number of US adults 65 years or older will reach 72 million. That equates to 20% of the US population and has more than doubled since 2000. With...

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Meditation and Mindfulness for Seniors


Meditation and mindfulness have a multitude of different benefits. They can decrease stress levels tenfold, promote mental and emotional well-being, and even improve your sleep. Many practices can help you on your journey; from Yoga to Tai Chi, there's something right for everyone. Yoga Yoga has many different forms. The word comes from a Sanskrit ...

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