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The Benefits of Artistic Creativity | Evergreen Senior Living


When you need a break from normal day-to-day activities, some people enjoy participating in artistic activities. There is a sense of relaxation and comfort in taking on a creative and productive task, creating visual art, preparing a meal, or writing in a journal. A sense of accomplishment can also be uplifting once the project has been completed.&...

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A Guide to Caring for Seniors


The well-being of your parents or loved ones is the most important consideration as they age into a new phase of life. Making the decision to help seniors move from a lifestyle that may not be beneficial to their overall health, to one that is better for their emotional, mental, and physical health can make all the difference. There are a few signs...

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Senior Living: Increase Independence with Adaptive Exercises


Some of the best practices to keep your loved ones happy and healthy are simple. Low-impact exercises can aid seniors in maintaining their daily activities. Helping your parent adapt to simple exercises and regular physical activity can improve their ability to be independent and assist them in leading a longer, healthier lifestyle. Exercise is par...

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The Best Dog Companions for Seniors


What if you could see your best friend every day? No travel time needed to see them, no packing or unpacking. And you get to spend as much time with them as you want. Sounds like a pretty good deal. For a lot of people, they get that kind of satisfaction and companionship by owning a dog. Many animals can be good pets and companions for seniors, bu...

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The Benefits of an Outdoor Walk


 Few things can compare to the relaxation and tranquility of a walk outside. Whether it's down a walking trail, in a nearby park, or even just around the block, walking has a way of putting nearly anyone in a relaxed mood. However, walking isn't just a good way to relax by yourself or with a friend; taking a walk has many health benefits,...

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