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Importance of Mental Health in Seniors

Mental Health

Depression is a topic that is not talked about enough, especially for an illness that affects so many people, including seniors. Many times, depression in seniors is disregarded as a natural part of aging. Issues like mental health problems need to be addressed to allow the elderly to live out their retirement safely and happily. According to the U...

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Ways for Seniors to Alleviate Stress


Ways for Seniors to Alleviate Stress Stress is something that we all deal with whether it's about something serious or a minor inconvenience throughout the day. It's a natural human response to adversity which is why it's not the stress itself that's important but how we cope with it. It's a common misconception that seniors have nothing to stress ...

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The Best Cell Phones for Seniors

These days, you don't have to look far to see someone looking down at the cell phone in their hands as they walk by. Ever since their introduction to the public in 1973, cell phones have continued to become more and more ingrained into our culture. Between the ability to play a variety of games and instantly message anyone you know, the cell phone ...

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Why Arthritis is so Common and Possible Prevention Methods


As we age, our body begins to show signs of the wear and tear we put on it over the years. One of the ways that this shows up is in joint pain and arthritis. This is so common because, throughout our lives, we tend to beat up our joints and bones with physical activity. Even though this isn't a life-threatening condition, it can be a burden that no...

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When is the Right Time for Senior Living?


We are often asked, "When is the right time to move your elderly loved one into senior living?" Quite frankly, there isn't just one answer. There are many reasons a loved one may find need of senior care and many levels of care available to accommodate everyone's personal needs. From independence, to assisted living, and skilled nursing, there is a...

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