Life Therapy & Wellness by Select Rehabilitation aims to restore movement and function, relieve pain, prevent further injury and implement cognition strategies so you can continue your normal activities of daily living.

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• Difficulty with transfers/decline with transfers • Decline in abilities during grooming • Trouble swallowing/chewing
• Change in how you walk/how far you go • Changes with dressing abilities • Changes in safety choices/awareness
• Increase in shortness of breath with activity • Increase in incontinent episodes of bladder • Trouble expressing thoughts
• New/increased pain • Change in vision • Change in participation in activities
• Losing balance with walking/transfers • Difficulty engaging in leisure activities



What is VSTBalance?

VSTBalance is a fall risk assessment tool that utilizes artificial intelligence (AI) with machine vision to objectively identify deficits in balance, gait, and function. These are the three main indicators of fall risk.

Benefits of VSTBalance:

Stats from Residents at ESL Orland Park:
Select Rehab has empowered seniors to take control of their well-being and quality of life. The seniors enrolled in VSTBalance at our community have seen tremendous improvement while performing day-to-day tasks. Average success statistics of seniors enrolled in VSTBalance at ESL Orland Park include:


With Life Therapy & Wellness:

Select Rehab accepts most insurance options, including Medicare B Coverage. Our goal at Evergreen Senior Living is to keep you active and maintain your current lifestyle with us!

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