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More Testimonials…

“Just wanted to send you a quick thank you for spending some time with me chatting about my mom. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate all the feedback and positive things you shared with me.

I am not surprised to hear that she is always engaged and rallying the troops there at Evergreen. I only wish my dad could have enjoyed it with her. I know he would have loved it. I am continually amazed by how helpful and friendly every single member of your staff is. There hasn’t been a time that I have visited that I haven’t been treated with such kindness by everyone there.

Thank you for providing me support with all my worries. I truly do know deep down inside that my mom couldn’t be in a better place. She truly loves it there.”


“I wanted to share some of Marion’s comments this morning. The first words out of her mouth this morning were, “I’m not moving, am I? I like it here and everyone is so nice and helpful.” She said it so many times this morning how kind and helpful your staff are. Nice job to all of you!!!! She’s very happy and very content with her life now. Thank you!!

Thanks, Kaylee! She’s happy under your care and I’m grateful!


I vote A+ for a super place!!!


Next to being in my own home, Evergreen is the greatest place for growing old.

Dom C.

I am so pleased with Evergreen and what a wonderful place it is for my dad. He misses my mom a lot but he likes being at Evergreen and has made friends along the way. I feel that we made the right decision when we chose Evergreen. There are so many advantages for him to be there. I no longer have to worry if he is eating right, he has friends, has programs he can participate in and, most of all, he is safe. Everyone is so kind to him and that makes my heart happy. He always says, “everyone here is SO nice.” He is right. : )


“Life is well. You run a good ship!”

“Wonderful staff.”

“We are very pleased with the staff and services at Evergreen. It does feel more like a community than an assisted living. Keep up the great job! Sincere thanks!”

“I absolutely love Evergreen Senior Living.”

Environment & Staff have made living at Evergreen comfortable.


Dear Amanda,

I can’t tell you how very nice it was to have met you back in early Oct. and had time to talk as well. I really appreciate you taking time with me, and I can’t tell you how beautiful and awesome your faculty is as well. Leslie is a great aunt as well. I wish you continued success and much joy in your daily work. Thank you again.



Even though Jean was only with you a short time, we appreciate the care and support you extended to not only her but our family as well. Thank you for all your support and visits.

By the family of Jean Forrester

Six weeks ago my father moved to Evergreen Senior Living from his home of 61 years. Because of all of the staff, the transition has been easier than we would have ever thought. Everyone on the staff, from the nurses and housekeepers to maintenance and food servers has been kind, courteous, and respectful. Thank you all so much for all that you do.

Thanks so much,

The Maday’s.

I enjoy working at Evergreen Senior Living. Our residents are so nice, and they really appreciate what we do for them. It is nice that they recognize all we do for them. I think we as caregivers are extremely passionate and really truly do care for our residents.


I love working at Evergreen Senior Living! Everyone who works here is super friendly. We are all a great team of caregivers. I love getting to know our residents and their families. Caring for our seniors is a rewarding job.


To Whom It May Concern,

I want to start off by stating that my uncle is 88 years old and has been a resident of Evergreen Assisted Living, in Orland Park, Il. since May of this year. He moved from another assisted living facility in the area because he was not happy with the care and service he was receiving.

Moving to Evergreen was the best move he could have made. He is extremely satisfied with everything about Evergreen. He seems very happy at Evergreen in regards to his living arrangements, his health, the food served and facility as a whole.

The entire process of getting my uncle to visit Evergreen, take the tour, and eventually move into Evergreen went very well and the staff was very accommodating. The facility is always clean and the staff keeps my uncle’s room clean and in order.

My uncle does have some medical issues and does need assistance at many different levels. The nursing staff is outstanding. They are much more attentive than his previous residence. They take care of all of his medical needs which include ordering meds and transportation for doctor’s visits. They all really care about his well-being and it shows in his overall health. I believe he is in the best health that he has been in in years.

Lastly, the wait staff and kitchen staff do a great job of serving my uncle meals that he likes. This was a big complaint of his at the last facility. He is eating well and looks much healthier.

I take care of his finances and many other issues that arise. I do not worry about his day to day well-being now that he is a residing at Evergreen.

Thank you,

Dennis Keane (August 25, 2016)

The staff at Evergreen went above and beyond for my mother, Janet Nobis.

Debbie Schrak

I would like to express my heartfelt appreciation for the extraordinary team representing your Orland Park Evergreen Senior Living location.

Within this letter, I hope to both recognize the amazing contributions your staff has made, and to also convey how years have been added onto both of my grandparent’s lives, specifically in relation to the positive experience your facility radiates.

Years ago my grandparents refused to give up their two homes in Palos Heights, IL and Ft. Lauderdale, FL to (consider) a move into either an independent senior/assisted living facility. To them, it was giving up their independence, which to them symbolized giving up on life.

I will never forget the early morning when I walked into the main entrance, prior to when most of the staff arrives. The lobby was engulfed with decorations in red, white, and blue, commemorating Memorial Day. If you know my grandma, Rita, you would have known this place was meant to be. When Neli Guajardo arrived, she was more than happy to walk me through each floor and provide an overview of the amenities. I did not have an appointment nor did Neli seem to mind. As we discussed the amenities offered and the process of applying, my interest escalated the more I heard. #325 was a spacious, south-facing courtyard view, one the largest available. That day I put a deposit down, holding the place I had hoped to sell my grandparents on.

That night I had a talk with my grandparents and let them know that I put a deposit on a place that I truly felt would bring them happiness. Their current status of a 24-hour live-in caregiver was a horrendous experience. The next day we visited, and Neli walked them through the place; we also ate in the restaurant on-site. They were sold on it! So the next step was to have Pauline out to assess the level of care each of them would require. Then, we met with Amanda Mauceri for the contract signing. She was patient and attentive to their questions and explained everything in detail.

It was been 2 months since my grandparents, Norman and Rita Hoffman, moved into Unit 325 – ‘the penthouse suite’ at your Orland Park Evergreen Senior Living location. In less than one week of living at Evergreen, they told me I could put their Palos Heights condo up for sale, their Ft. Lauderdale location was already up for sale. The best way I can sum up their experience is that they are so PROUD to have their friends over, and they are not ashamed to be in assisted living. My grandparents are near and dear to my heart, and I have complete trust and faith in your staff. When I refer clients, friends, and family, there are so many moments I refer back to in an effort to relate my first impression … an everlasting, positive, impression.

Please take the time to personally recognize all of your staff at the Orland Park location: caregivers, dining staff, activity planners, cleaning staff, and poor Mark Crowley who had his work cut out for him since my grandfather used to own True Value Hardware stores!

With gratitude,

Lauren M. Collins (August 22, 2016)

Evergreen is beautiful! Although my mother was only a resident for 2 weeks, they made a great impression. We will be forever grateful for the staff making her transition easier. Thank you!

Debbie Schrak

It was a safe and pleasant place for our mom during her respite visit. A big thanks to all!