For individuals living with dementia, Alzheimer’s and other types of memory loss, all environmental aspects have a great impact on daily comfort, happiness, and safety. Average homes are often hazardous – spaces don’t allow for safe walking, stairs can be tough, and even everyday noises (television, doorbells, phones) can cause daily problems. Evergreen Senior Living in Orland Park was strategically designed to offers our seniors the familiarity of home, with advantages that are critical to improving quality of life.

Our campus recreates home for our residents with familiar, warm living spaces and offers unique features which include:

Figure Eight Floor Plan

Our open floor plan allows our residents to walk as much as they need and want to; with a natural walking path that will always lead them right back home.

Courtyard Comfort and Security

Our patio garden area is easily accessible and extremely secure; now your loved one can enjoy the outdoors without concern. Our secured space eliminates the possibility of residents getting lost or finding their way outside of our safe campus.

Natural Lighting

Our building was designed to leverage natural light throughout our spaces. This was done strategically to offer comfortable views, to avoid harsh shadows that can cause fear or concern, and to help our residents distinguish night and day. We also limit mirrors to bathrooms, to avoid reflections that can be confusing to those with memory issues, and have light-colored flooring for ideal visibility.

With the ideal environment, comprehensive care, and unique joy-prompting philosophy; you owe it to your loved one to explore Legacy living.

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