Legacy Living Fulfills Your Promise of Lifelong Care for Your Loved One

Seniors with memory care deficits may experience a mixture of emotions – confusion, frustration, anger, fear, uncertainty, grief, and depression. Caregivers often feel just as isolated and frustrated; long days and sleepless
nights seem to never end. We understand.

You are no longer alone in caring for your loved one. Our entire team of trained caregivers comes in refreshed every day to offer personalized care and a unique approach to caring for seniors with memory loss that promotes joy and success. Our strategic campus design was developed to bring you peace of mind and offer your loved one every possible advantage including:

We know that you promised to always take care of your family member. Legacy living is the best way to fulfill that promise. You will always be an important part of our care team, but for your loved one, you’ll go back to being a family member, not a nurse or CNA. You can once again enjoy mom or dad as a son or daughter and know that they are safe, socialized, and happy. When you trust the compassionate team at the Legacy to care for your loved one, you get to go back to what you do best, being family.