Caring for a loved one with dementia or Alzheimer’s is more than a fulltime job; it’s a commitment that comes with anxiety, unsuccessful days, and often sleepless nights. The stress is high; the guilt is worse. We understand, and there is something that you need to know: Legacy Living means that you are making sure that your loved one is cared for in the best way possible based upon their needs.

When you choose Legacy Living, you’re fulfilling the promise you made to your loved one to care for them.

Socialization Success

Those suffering from dementia often feel isolated and alone, they retreat because of fear and feelings of confusion. Our trained team works to provide them with ideal outlets and groups in which they can experience friendship and positive connections – not just within our Legacy family, but successfully with yours as well.

Personalized Physical Attention

Our team of trained caregivers has chosen to make caring for seniors their career. We have the benefit of coming in each day, each shift, refreshed and ready to go to support all needs including dressing, toileting, bathing, and grooming essentials.

Person-Centered Programming

Each senior at the Legacy is connected to our community. Most contribute to the household in unique ways such as helping with dishes and gardening. All residents experience the joy of programs that are strategically designed, which may mean small group success or simply one-on-one fun.

Adjustment of Roles

You will always be a part of the care team and the most important person in your loved one’s life. However, when you allow us to do what we do best, you get to be the husband, wife, daughter, son, or grandchild again. This is the role that has always meant the most, and the one that seems to have slipped away. Legacy enables you to live and love again.

You are no longer alone. And neither is your loved one. Our entire team of trained caregivers comes in refreshed every day to offer personalized care and a unique approach to promote daily joy and success. This peace of mind comes within our strategic campus design, developed to offer your loved one every, single advantage possible.

It’s time to learn what Legacy Living has to offer your loved one!